June 14, 2012

A Creative Fix

And so I was trying to do something nice for a group of people that are totally awesome! They work so hard to help out the community with their bicycle problems at Bike Sauce. They've set up shop with all the tools you'll ever need... and they teach you with complete patience how get your bicycle in complete working order, no matter how simple or challenging. Anyway Justin's been volunteering there on and off over the last year or two, getting his hands greasy and all. I'm not really all that good at that sort of thing and am totally the wrong person to be teaching people how to fix bicycles... so i thought I'll volunteer in my own way... by printing a much needed flyer for them.

Well as it turns out, I got the times wrong! BLAH! So I needed to come up with a good solution where I didn't need to reprint them ALL. So... I stole a wrench (that I totally plan on returning) from Bike Sauce and printed with it. I stuck it down to some furniture and placed a few sheets of boxboard underneath to raise it up enough to print. There was also a bit of trial and error with getting the ink to be the proper consistency for the metal. But anyway, I'm liking this design better than the original design. The wrench totally suits what they do, and good way to cover up my boo-boo. lol.  

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