March 28, 2012

A reaction to our times.

I was looking through some old photos and I came across this cute little number! A photo of an old print I did back when I still had access to a linotype. (AH-MAZING that I have actually been able to use a linotype, forever grateful!) These words still ring so true to me as a reason why I letterpress. As the world gets faster, more efficient, more "perfect"... I have this urge to mess it up... to consciously move a little slower and take my time... to appreciate the process of making a print. I love the slight imperfections. When I print, the world of technology seems to not exist around me... (except for a random instagram photo I take)... I work on a piece of machinery that needs no electricity to run, just sheer human power! And I love it. There's a part of me that wishes more things ran at this pace... a slower and more appreciative pace. I wonder if people would be happier with less technology in their lives? Just something to think about on this lovely sunny Wednesday!

March 23, 2012

Friday night printing

If you read my other blog you probably already know that I'm about to become an aunt! I can't be more excited about it... I love the little guy so much already! A couple of weeks ago I hosted the baby shower and of course I needed to have a little something letterpress printed amoung the festivities. AND Of course I didn't figure out what to actually letterpress until, like, the night before the shower! So here I was, on a friday night, typesetting this "Wishes for Baby" card. I was a bit nervous for the day ahead... I really wanted everything to be just so... I had spent weeks planning and coming up with ideas with the help from one of my bestest creative friends, (hi Sandi!) and on that friday night it was all coming together. Arranging the type just so, having all the pieces in place... kind of interesting how similar it was to planning this event... figuring out how all the pieces will fit together... hoping that it will turn out the way I imagine... interesting to draw the parallel. Do I sounds crazy? hehe... but it was calming. 

That calmness only lastest while I was printing. I think I feel most relaxed when I'm printing. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Thank goodness it's friday.

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