June 6, 2012

Letterpress Workshops!

After a long time of humming and hawing over whether or not to run a letterpress workshop, I finally bit the bullet! If you haven't yet noticed I am running 3 workshops in July and August and I couldn't be more excited to do these! I have kept thinking about how much fun I had with Tanya at Snap & Tumble some 2 years ago at her tabletop letterpress workshop, and thought that why not spread the letterpress love around a bit more. So if you're interested in trying out printing on this gigantic vandercook letterpress, head on over HERE for information about when they are happening and how to sign up! Space is limited and the workshops are already 50% booked, so if you're interested let me know soon!

Over the last year I've had quite a few guinea pigs as my workshop test subjects, and am now totally comfortable explaining, demostrating and chatting about the in's and out's of letterpress with who-ever wants to. I'm hoping that I have all the kinks worked out now, but since these are the first 3 workshops I'm doing, I thought I'd throw in a pretty slammin' good deal for the lucky few that are part of the workshop launch.

Email me if you have any questions; hello@silverplatepress.com

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