February 15, 2012

You make me happy...

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday with your sweetie-pies. I didn't have that much time with Justin for Valentine's Day this year... (he had a class to go to for most of the evening), but we're those lucky few that commute together on the subway (or bicycles) everyday, so I just cherished those moments, plus we had a quick dinner before he rushed off. 

In the evening I spent using Justin as my inspiration for some printing. What a great excuse to finally use some borders! I also used 2 sizes of wood type plus a bit of lead type for this print. It was the first time that I used a scale to mix my ink. It was a bit weird actually... and involved a bit of math, which was challenging to do with my right brain... but eventually I figured it out! Have you ever done that?! Mixed ink by weighing it?! It's a bit crazy, and one of these days I'll document it, so you know what I mean (in case you have no idea what I'm talking about). 

I made only a very limited 10 prints. Making them that much more special. I will have them on my etsy store (if it ever gets off the ground)

... and of course these are dedicated to the one that makes me happy when skies are grey. :)

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