February 9, 2012

Rough Paper test print

My little Kelsey press hasn't really gotten the attention that she deserves. She's constantly being over-shadowed by her much larger older brother (The Vandercook) and barely gets any play time these days. I decided to change that with this little test print. Since the clean up time is basically non-existent in comparison to the vandercook... it makes for some nice quick printing.

I am currently working on a wedding invite design for a pretty cool couple that love all things handmade and vintage! The thought was too use brown box board with blue, red and black ink. At first I thought that it was a great idea, but to make sure how the ink would react with such a rough paper, I thought it would be best to do a text print first. I started with the Skinny Love posters. Using wood type definitely produces more texture as it is... so when I saw the way it was turning out on the box board... I kinda freaked... and started second guessing myself... "maybe it looks a little too handmade..." or a bit too rough. This is a wedding invite, after all! But I think I forgot how cool Steph was.... I sent her this test print with a word of caution... not all the invites will be identical and the texture of the paper is proving to be difficult to work with to get consistent ink coverage...

She was like; "This is great! I like the texture! Identical!? Meh! They're handmade!"


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