December 2, 2011

the Silverplate Press studio

Hello there, I'm so happy you are here. I'd love to introduce you to my gigantic Vandercook letterpress, which I often refer to it as the elephant in my living room. He weighs 2000 lbs, is 76 years old, totally human powered and is really great at making beautiful impressions into pieces of paper. There is such an incredible value to handmade things, (just look at the success of Etsy!), and my curiosity in handmade design is what lead me down this path to begin with. I took all the workshops and classes I could to learn just how these fundamental roots of graphic design worked. I'm a graphic designer by day, a very structured kind of job, with plenty of people to please and rules to follow... handmade design is freeing in a way, and in my opinion has an authenticity that computer generated design just can't compete with. Is it in the imperfections that the real beauty of letterpress shines. When you feel that impression in the paper, there isn't anything else like it. Hard to believe that used to be thought of as a bad print in olden days.

Enough with the rambling!

Welcome to the Silverplate Press blog and I hope you come back again to see the fun things that go on in the studio!


  1. AAAAHHHHHHH! SOOO exciting! Seriously! And thanks soooo much for the sweet link! I wish you all the success in the world with this big adventure!...So awesome that you have a press in your living room! Can I move in?

  2. Aww thanks so much Kinga! And it's the truth! :) I love peeking in on your creativity!

    Yeah it's pretty cool having the press next to the couch in some ways. lol. You should hop by some time? We can print something fun!


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