December 8, 2011

Christmas polymer

This has been a while in the making but it's finally coming together. My Silverplate Press holiday cards! I'm so excited to print them! Last night I picked up my polymer from a local supplier, and I've got a good QC guy to make sure everything is A-Okay!

I change my mind A LOT when it comes to designing something for myself, so designing these cards was a bit of a challenge. Originally we were thinking that a funny line from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation would be great (from this scene... starting with This is going to be... and ending with Danny F***ing Kaye)... so I tested the waters with it.. and everyone that saw it, thought it was funny but didn't know what it was from... so I decided against it... Maybe next year. lol.


  1. You're getting your polymer from someone in T.O? That's awesome! I love the Christmas Vacation do people not Know what it's from? (crazy) it...I'll pay for one..or a few! My husband's family is CRAZY about that movie. It's a family tradition to watch while trimming the tree...

  2. Kinga – yup. I got it from Aries Flexographics in mississauga. It's still a bit pricy though and I'm hoping that Justin builds me a polymer plate maker for Christmas so it'll lower the costs. And yeah, next year I will totally make line of Christmas Vacation quote cards. It will be hilarious!!


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