December 2, 2011

Chris & Sarah Wedding Package

I've wanted to share this wedding package for some time now, and I'm so pleased to finally be able to post it here. Now that the last piece of the pie was finished (the thank you notes), the set was finally complete. I had such a fun time printing these for Chris and Sarah. It was a serious combination of woodtype, lead type and polymer plates. Those invites went through the press 7 times each! Unreal, eh?! The invites match up to the beer coasters and strawberry-vanilla jam labels, (what a cute take away).

This was my first real big job for the vandercook and it got my butt in gear to set it up and figure out all the quirks. (Forever thankful to Sarah!) I'm still adjusting and feel that my ability is slowly getting better. Thank goodness there is such a wonderful letterpress community out there on the internets! I don't think I could have come to this conclusion if it wasn't for Briar Press, Tanya from Snap & Tumble, George Walker (my letterpress prof) and keeper of the Lovers of Letterpress along with his lovely wife Michelle. Your help has been incredible! Thank you! 

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