April 3, 2013

Letting the dust settle down.

Even though it's been quiet here, it's been the complete opposite for me outside of the internet. I'm busy trying to finish up a few last letterpress projects before my life has a complete make-over.

For starters, in a little under a month, Justin and I will be moving into our first real house! Over the last 6 years, we've jumped around from apartment to apartment, moving cities, and jobs and shifting careers... and now it finally feels like the dust just might settle down a little. Not before one last hurrah of all sorts of big life changes. As you may have read in the past, my studio has been basically in our living room in this really industrial (and slightly unsafe and uncomfortable) loft. It was great. I'd wake up on many occasions and still be surprised to see the giant letterpress standing comfortably just a few feet from our couch. It sounds like a dream, right?! And it worked for us.

Until it didn't.

I think it hit both Justin and I around the same time. All of sudden we both had this urge to keep moving and that this leaky loft wasn't the right place to settle in for good. So we started looking for a home. A real home. One where we could see spending many years in... and to be able to grow a family in. Our hunt started over a year ago, and there was NOTHING! Nothing we liked, nothing that worked well for both us and nothing that had both space for a car/workspace for Justin and a separate studio space for the presses. Toronto is pretty ruthless when it comes to real estate. The good places are snatched before they're even on the market, and the only way to get in on those is to be at the right place at the right time. It was totally discouraging and we gave up quite a few times. Until we found out that our family of 2 was soon going to be a family of 3. That really lit the fire and we were looking like crazy. We found an amazing agent (through a letterpress client actually! Hi Jenny!). Maybe he was just a good luck charm, but somehow in the span of about a week we found IT! A lovely little town house in the east end of Toronto with a workspace/garage for Justin and a storefront/studio space for me! Yup! I said storefront! It's like this letterpress thing that has been an "on-the-side-gig" is getting a whole lot more serious! It's perfect. And we're beyond thrilled that this will be our new home!

Here's a sneak peak of the front of the house and soon-to-be new home of Silverplate Press. We're expecting our little bundle of joy about 3-4 weeks after we move in. So I may be a little light on the posting for a few more months yet. I am hoping to have a fun grand opening near the end of the summer/early fall though. (If all goes as planned) I'll try to keep you posted of any fun letterpress shenanigans! Ciao for now!


  1. I'm so happy for you all! This place looks perfectly charming! You are going to be an incredible mom and a huge asset to your new neighbourhood...I will be there for grand opening day for sure!!! keep me posted! xoxox K

  2. Congrats Amanda! It looks fantastic. And so happy that we'll (sort of) be neighbours! Or rather, more neighbourly than we've been so far! All the best!

  3. What a beautiful home! And such a dream to have your own storefront down stairs. Congrats!


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