January 25, 2013

Woodgrain Save the Dates

This last little while has been busy to say the least! For starters, I've been finishing up projects that started quite some time ago. Like this little number that I designed and letterpress printed for Temerra & Marc. They're a really cool couple that wanted a rustic and natural looking save the date. They are lovers of the outdoors, so naturally I thought it would be so amazing to print woodgrain. At first I thought it would be neat to just print the woodgrain as a blind impression on thick kraft paper, but it just wasn't showing up as much as I wanted. You could totally feel the grain, and it was amazing... but I thought it needed a bit more. So I use a bit of clear varnish to bring out the grain a little more on the dark paper. I love the way they turned out! A note for printing on kraft paper, however, colours absorb easily in this kind of paper, so the orange for instance turned out darker than what I had hoped. I'll be doing some test prints on kraft to see if I could somehow "brighten" it up for next time. I'm looking forward to finishing the design and printing for the rest of this wedding suite. Stay Tuned for more.

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