December 13, 2012

Sandi & Nick's wedding invitation workshop

Back in the summer, I helped out my very amazing friends Sandi and her (now) husband Nick with letterpress printing their wedding invites. It was a full-day extravaganza and was basically an all-day letterpress workshop... complete with some paper cutting, ink mixing, polymer aligning, caliper measuring for accuracy and general letterpress finessing. The invites turned out amazing! It was the first time that I printed on French Paper's muscletone line of papers, but I had wanted to for sometime already. (I had read it was great for letterpress) It's smooth to the touch but super sturdy, not at all like cotton papers (like Lettra), it is still perfect for letterpress. Leaves a nice bite in the paper without tearing.

It was nice to help out these two very dear friends of mine, and give them hopefully a little gift of letterpress know-how and the pride that they printed their invites themselves. They printed like champs!  And once they really got things moving, they only needed a little help when things went astray... which usually took a press adjustment to fix.

What a fun memory!

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