May 4, 2012

Getting my bad prints ready

So here we are, at the end of another week. I'm totally looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hanging out with some of my favourite people, and hopefully soaking in some much needed Vitamin D!

The daylight hours are slowly getting longer, making it great for printing later into the day. I try to make it a rule that I only mix ink during daylight hours... I risk trimming and printing a bit after the sun has gone down, but not for long. I've had my share of bad prints when I letterpress a bit too late in the evening. Saving those bad prints has come in handy! I'm collecting all the prints that aren't up to snuff in one pile to get ready for a incredible workshop next week. I'll be sharing with you my experience at the Proof Press Finesse workshop with Paul Moxon from the Vanderblog! I'm super excited (STOKED!) about this workshop and hoping to learn lots from it. Hopefully I'll get all my little annoying issues solved and just become a better letterpress printer. Yeee! Have a great weekend... see you next week?

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