April 6, 2012

Save the Dates for Daniella & Rick

It's been a good few weeks here in the studio were I got to wrap up a few nice projects – One for which was for a very good friend who is getting married soon. (Yeay Daniella!) These are the "Save-the-Dates", and I'm just so excited with how they turned out. They're printed on a super soft, natural white cotton paper. Printed with a lovely deep brown, a light lavender colour with a uber deep blind-emboss emblem. (I think that was my favourite part)

Sometimes mixing a specific colour is way more challenging than others. This lovely, soft lavender was one of those mixes that took some extra love and care to get perfect. A glob of transparent white, a drop of violet and the tiniest bit of black. At first it was way to dark... and took a little bit of time to bring it down to the colour I was looking for. But getting the colour right on was just SO gratifying that I honestly didn't care that it look me a day and a half to get perfect.

I'm so happy for Daniella & Rick as they get all the preparations together for their wedding, and I'm so honoured that I could be part of their day by printing these cards for them. It totally feels a little extra special printing for a close friend! Thanks again Daniella for asking me to letterpress these for you!


  1. These pics are great Amanda! Thanks again for printing these for us. Can't wait to have the invites done! :)

    1. Thanks Daniella! :) I can't wait to print the invites too! hehe.


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