January 24, 2012

Skinny Love, part 1

At the moment I'm taking it slow and steady as I get comfortable around the press... and still even though it's been about a year since I moved into this studio space and started up this shop, I feel like I'm still learning with every single print run that I do. Which is giving me more reason to print for the sake of printing... like this poster that I started on last night. It's not done yet, just the first layer of red... a cool turquoise is hopefully next and a little bit of black as well... (I'm testing these colours out and how they react overlaid and next to each other on the kraft paper as research for a cool wedding invite that I'm in the middle of designing)... Anyway, printing just for the sake of printing is frikin' awesome, and hopefully I will be doing more of it soon... And the test prints made for some pretty cool wrapping paper. lol. Maybe that's what I'll do next; letterpress wrapping paper!

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