January 30, 2012

The Office of Nature + Silverplate Press

The Office of Nature + Silverplate Press from The Office of Nature on Vimeo.

I totally can't believe it! A video with The Office of Nature and Silverplate Press! Back before the holidays started, I invited Katherine (from the Office of Nature) and her hubby Matt over for some good 'ol fashioned letterpress printing. I used to work with Matt when I was just a wee design student, and I gotta say that he was a big contributor to my obsession with handmade design... which eventually lead to a series of shenanigans that ended with having a vandercook in my living room. I am forever grateful. lol.

Katherine is an incredible designer and illustrator - honestly if you're looking for adorable and funky prints for your kids room you totally need to check out her Etsy store; here!

Anyway, back to printing with The Office of Nature... Katherine and Matt came over to meet the Vandercook, and to try their hand at printing on this press. It was a bit of a letterpress workshop in a way... that also came with chilling out between colours, some beers and of course a cheese fondue! It was fun! And I'm really glad that the cards turned out so well! The video is totally cool and one of these days I will have to ask Katherine to make me a Silverplate promo video! Ha. Maybe we'll do tradesies for some printing. lol.

The photos and the video are from The Office of Nature

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