January 13, 2012

Live Your Own Life

As 2012 is settling in and getting comfortable. I know there are tons of resolutions being thrown at us – get fit, be healthy, organize, de-clutter, etc. etc... I try not to think of this time of year in that context. Instead I usually find myself reflecting on the years past, remembering favourite moments and then thinking of possibilities and exciting moments that lay ahead. I don't really need January to tell me how to change my life... I use January to remind me to live the life I want. This is the time of year that I feel energized, refreshed and feel that anything is possible for the year ahead, I just need to remember to live that way for the rest of the 11 months of the year.

So this year live your own life. Live the way you want, cherish the moments, enjoy, and embrace what life has to offer. And know that there is a whole year of goodness ahead if you decide to truly live instead of waiting for another January to come along to tell you how your should be doing things.

I letterpress printed this print to remind me of just that. It was the first time I printed just for the sake of printing in a long time! Lately it's just been printing for this or that, but not really for me. It was nice. It was calming and almost meditative to set the type on the press bed... to mix a lovely energizing orange, and roll the cylinder over the type to leave such a beautiful and deep impression into some blotter paper I happen to have lying around. It was nice to not have anyone but myself to answer to... and to completely absorb myself in printing.

I'll be selling this limited edition set of prints whenever I open up an etsy store. They are about 10" x 14" (but I'll have to check the exact size). There were only 30, so if you'd like to buy one (only 10 bucks! + shipping), let me know.

I hope your today will be a lovely day.

photos take by Me: Amanda Keenan, on my phone. 


  1. I want one ;) pretty please! You can send me a bill via pay-pal if that works for ya...I put up "words of wisdom" in the studio to inspire me and this would be perfect...!

    Love the orange too! xoxo

    1. Yeay! I will send you one. :) Could you email me your email?


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